About the Artist

Peter Brian Schlossman has been working with glass for 25 years. He made his first panel as a 1st year anniversary gift for his wife Pam. What it lacked in design and craftsmanship, it made up for in heart. It was a very humble beginning.

Since then he’s worked with some of the best glass people and studio’s in the Chicago area. All the while accumulating knowledge and perfecting his craft. As Pete’s vocabulary grew in his medium, he applied more and more of his own perspective into his work.

Today, Peter Schlossman focuses on designing contemporary leaded glass for architectural installation and autonomous sculptural applications. Always seeking new and interesting materials and techniques to incorporate into his work, his designs display a freedom and liquidity that belies the inherent restrictions of the medium. He heavily relies upon texture and line to add movement, continuity, and depth to his work and allows the reflective and refractive nature of glass to take center stage.

Peter specializes in using clear textured glass, bevels, and found glass items (rods, lenses, etc. . . ) in conjunction with subtle manipulation of stock materials (sandblasting, acid etching, painting, cracked tempered glass, unconventional leading, etc. . . ) to design exciting, “living” artwork. Art that incorporates the changing world around it to expose ever new and uplifting combinations of elements. Art that challenges the viewer to become aware and involved with the changing mood of life.


Peter Brian Schlossman

Contemporary Stained Glass Artwork


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